Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Still monday

I somehow made it through the day with only minor injuries.
No bike accidents (although i did almost run over Lucifer) and only a few times did i stab myself with a needle.
But the day never got good, some days just never do.

But at least i finally finished the skirt i've been working on for a few days now.
So a small yay for that.

It's a bit of a mess with four different fabric types, some new and some vintage, but that's kind of the look i was going for
Rooster fabric in the back
The lace was my grandmothers, i only had enough for the front
It didn't turn out too bad, as long as you don't look on the inside.
I have no serger, so the inside always look like crap.
As do i in these pictures, by the way.
F%¤*#n mondays.


  1. WOWWW den er fuldt ud fantastisk flot!!

  2. you made that?!?! its beautiful! well done :) xxx

  3. you do not look like crap!
    and that skirt is so cute!!!

  4. I love the lace! Was it originally just on its own in a strip, or had your grandmother sewn it to something that you deconstructed? You did a great job!

    I want a serger too. I always think they're going to be very expensive but really they aren't too bad, I just end up spending my money on other things before I remember I wanted one in the first place!

  5. That's what i do too! And when i finally decide to buy one i talk myself out of it, because i'm afraid i won't use it enough.
    If i had one i would! Stupid brain.

    The lace was just on it's own, it was a whole bag of lace-leftovers! There was one that was long enough for the whole skirt, but it's really wide and fancy, so i wanna use it for something else.