Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The days are just flying by and soon i'll be on a direct flight to Tokyo.

It's funny, when people find out that i go to Japan a lot say something like "Oh, you're so lucky, i wanna go there so bad", and they do say that a lot, i never understand why they wanna go there.
I've been there so many times, that by now i'm no longer a semi blind japanophile who thinks everything there is just soooo kawaiii!
I see the flaws and i see the dangers and i see how fucked up the country really is.
And trust me, it's really fucked up.
But i still can't wait to get back there.

For some reason Japan just feels like home to me.
It sounds like something everyone says after a really great vacation, but it's true.
If home is where you feel the most comfortable with who you are and your place in the world (as opposed to just being the place where you keep your crap), then Tokyo is home.
So, i get why i wanna go so bad, i'm just a little fuzzy on everyone else's reasons.
But i still recommend going, of course.

I'm probably gonna post more about Japan soon.
About things to do and my favorite places to shop, eat and stuff like that.

This is from 2007
2007, Asakusa i think
Shinjuku Gyoen 2007
Also from the park in Shinjuku

Hata has booked our usual apartment for us, and i can't wait to see it (and smell it!) again.
It's actually a crappy, tiny apartment located right under some serious power lines, and with a water heater that's way too small for even one good shower.
Oh, and the shower is too small too.
Last time we moved the furniture around (not that there's a lot of that) so i'm curious to see if they kept it that way or moved it back.
I bet they moved it back, just because that's how it's supposed to be.
Anyway, i love that place and if i had a ton of money, that apartment would be the first thing i'd buy.

Ok, off to work.
Allan and Lucifer already left, i just decided to stay home and blog cause we're going to a show tonight and i don't know if i'll have time later.


  1. When I first moved to Seattle, pretty much the only person I really knew was this sweet little Korean woman named Kyung. Every time she went home, I would ask about it, and all she'd ever really say was, "It's just different there. The air is different. You breathe differently. That is what I miss the most," and I always wanted to go to Korea and Japan for the same reason. I mean, not because I know, but to see what she was talking about.

    How long are you guys going to be gone? That is so exciting!!

  2. That's actually a pretty good way to describe it.
    And i really do recommend going there. And i've heard good things about Korea too.
    We're going for a little over a month this time, which is perfect for me.
    Longer than that and i start to miss Lucifer and shorter is just not enough for all the things i want to see and do!
    And Allan has three appointments for his back this time, pretty exciting stuff!

  3. allan is getting his back done by Shige isnt he? thats so amazing, shige is an amazing artist!

    I dunno, I always want to go to japan for the culture. It seems like everyone is much more polite and nice there, and people here are just horrible and i hate it. And it looks like such a beautiful country, especially from your pictures!

    plus, theres amazing food, and the stuff is so much cooler. hello kitty stuff everywhere!! :)


  4. i want to go just to experience it once. at least once anyways.

    heck, i want to go everywhere to experience it just once...

    but you do make japan sound oh so very inviting, thats for sure!!

    i love hawaii. i could almost find this as home. but id have to become american to stay here..and i dont like that part.. (no offense to any americans reading this)

  5. yea shige is sick but wow wish i could get away for a while not anytime soon though were extending our fam again(baby)

  6. I want to go to there...and I will!!

  7. Hey thanx for your comment! i can't write a lot because my english is too bad :-(
    i'm looking very often your blog, your pics are beautiful and i love matryoshka too ;-)

  8. have a good staying tokyo :DDDD
    and i know well about shinjyuku gyoen.
    and i will go to London and Copen this summer<3 yay!!

    micks from Shibuya

  9. yay! japan! awesome! love the cherryblossom pictures! see u soon.

  10. I don't know if you would have the same feelings about Japan if you stayed somewhere countryside, like where I'm from. It's absolutely nothing like Tokyo. Maybe Akita will give you some ideas.

    And thanks for saying it's fucked up because it really is!!! (especially the fucking politicians!) I still love it here, though. It's always love/have, isn't it?

    I'm toying with the idea of going to Tokyo next weekend...


  11. Chris: Congratulations, hope it won't be too long before you're out traveling with the whole family.

    Kim-Ahn: You're welcome, i'm happy to have you as a reader! And i love your owls!

    Micks: let me know if you come to Copenhagen, ok?

    Sam: People are definitely more polite and that is great, but they're not necessarily nicer you know? They're just people.
    And the country is not actually that beautiful, at least not most places. But the food is awesome, no doubt abou that!!

    Corey: I think you'd like it there. I'm also sure that i'd love Hawaii (but not enough to become american, probably).

    Ai: Everywhere is fucked up and i think you have to acknowledge that before you can say you truly love a place. And oh my god the politicians really are awful, and the fact that my intelligent friends there don't even care enough about that to vote just pisses me off!
    Please, please come to Tokyo! I think we'll land on the 21st or something, but if you're there sunday i'm up for doing something? Or even saturday, whatever!