Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rail pass? Check!

Went to a travel agency today to buy our one week Japan Rail Pass.
We're going to Akita for a few days and just one trip on the Shinkansen costs the same as the one week pass.
The ride there nearly killed me a few times, the winds were near hurricane strength and i actually had to get off my bike and walk a few times.
The first day with clear blue, sky for weeks and the stupid wind ruins it.

Waiting at the agency while the guy issued the passes, i killed time by writing a packing list
Lucifer just sat in his basket and chilled

I also went for a nice long visit at my grandfathers this evening.
Seeing him before going to Japan was also on my to do list, so once again: check!

Ps. Still no point cards. Where are they?


  1. Har du kigget i køkkenskuffen? Man lægger altid sådan noget i en skuffe, under en mase andre ting!

  2. do people wonder why you take out your camera in places like that to take a shot? or are you just over it..

  3. I guess i'm over it!
    No one ever asks me, maybe they're afraid of the answer or something?