Sunday, March 15, 2009

Oh my

A whole day without blogging.
Feels all kinds of wrong, but since we'll soon be in our small Koenji apartment, with almost no internet, i better get used to it.

Yesterday was pretty much the best day.
After a nice. long walk with Lucifer and a quick cup of coffee with my parents, me and Allan (and the dog, of course) went to the shop to get started on my new tattoo.

The weather was great, almost spring like.

Allan had to go to the post office to pick up a book, me and Lucifer waited outside
That's a silly looking dog, that's what that is!
Finally, he's back
Lucifer and Allan, always so happy to be reunited
You guys...

We got to the shop, i went to the supermarket and bought some snacks, magazines and this surprisingly delicious organic Ginger Ale.
After adding some details to the stencil and trying out some ideas, we finally got started.
After a couple of hours of lining, Helle and her family dropped by with coffee and presents.
Yup, they're the best alright.

A pair of shoes that didn't fit Helle anymore, and the best movie ever (i obviously have that already, but only on VHS)

Lucifer also appreciated the company, he really hates not being able to sit on my lap whenever he feels like it (which would be all the time!)

It was hard to get us both in the shot
So good thing Helle came by to help me out
Calvin looks a little confused...
Sorry for the terrible picture, my body was kind of buzzing and my left hand is just no good for taking pictures
After about four hours of tattooing we had to stop.
It would have been nice to finish, but we were having dinner with my parents, aunt and grandfather, and we'd promised to be there at 8.

A little dark, this one

Dinner was great, and we ended up staying till 4 in the morning, talking and drinking (not me though, i had one drink and decided i'd probably fall asleep if i had another).
It's embarrassing how much i enjoy spending time with my mom and dad, but they're just really awesome people and fun to hang out with.
Me and Allan introduced them to the joys of mobile Wikipedia, and now we're all experts of the life of Sidney Bechet and Josephine Baker.

Like i said, pretty much the best day.


  1. Just præcis! Ikke noget bedre end de dage, hvor man kun behøver at beskæftige sig med mennesker, man rent faktisk kan li!
    Sådan en dag havde vi sjovt nok også i går!

  2. adorable shoes and cute top!

  3. Lucifer is adorable!!! And your husband's hair out of control!