Wednesday, March 4, 2009

O snail, Climb Mount Fuji, But slowly, slowly!

It's one in the morning and i'm trying to get started on the whole Etsy thing.
Yes, you guys were right all along.
I'm obviously too lazy/busy to walk around town and try to sell my stuff here, and Etsy does seem like a nice, convenient alternative to an actual shop.
And people keep recommending it to me, so there, decision made.

But the whole thing is taking forever, just trying to figure out what to charge, how to ship it the cheapest way (answer: it's the Danish postal service, so there is no cheap way), all that stuff... blrgh.
I remember Ebay being a lot easier.
But i also remember the ridiculous seller fees and flawed feedback system.

But i did get one thing done tonight: the header for the shop.
Just like me to skip the practical stuff and go straight for the fun parts.
(Click the picture for a bigger view)

It had to be pretty tiny to fit their measurements, but i think it turned out ok.
And i welcome any excuse to go on a font hunt!


  1. etsy is awesome! i always find so many amazing things on there!

    make sure you link us all to it! xxx

  2. I will, as soon as there's actual stuff in the shop!

  3. Flora Amalie - fully and truly awesome!!

  4. yeah, awesome is the right word. looking forward to buy a piece. yay!

  5. "...and fully awesome"- that's adorable! I'm so glad you're finally doing this!

  6. At the risk of sounding super cheesy, i probably wouldn't be doing much of anything if it wasn't for you guys.

  7. yes, yes, yes! YES!!!!!!!!!! Hooray! zo

  8. yes, yes, yes! YES!!!!!!!!!! Hooray! zo

  9. I adore the tag-line!! Good work Amalie!