Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mmmm, mustardy

Giant potato salad, almost makes you feel like it's summer.
The dressing was so good i even wrote down what i put in it.

Allan doesn't really like salad, but he does like potatoes a lot

Tomorrow night Allan is going to a show, so i might cook some home-alone fish.


  1. Uhm, det ser godt ud!
    Vil du ha gæst i morgen aften? Og bemærk gæst, ikke gæstER! Nasseren blir hjemme hvis det er, ha ha!

  2. Oh that looks nice! Very pretty! Does your husband cook much? I am at work today but I taught Graham how to make an omelette over text messaging and he was terribly proud of himself, which I thought was pretty adorable, haha.

  3. i was going to comment about your mustard dressing and see what was in it, but now i just want to comment about Coralene's message. that is so cute!! boys....

  4. That is cute!
    Allan cooks about once a year, next time will be... around December i guess?
    This is what he made last time: http://princessinferno.blogspot.com/2008/12/on-monday-allan-cooked-dinner.html

  5. Helle: Jaaaa, jeg vil gerne ha' gæst i morgen! Eller gæster, whatevs!