Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First cherryblossoms of the year

I found them today in Yokohama.
Ahh, finally.

This tree is a rockstar, everyone had to have their picture taken with it
This guy too!

More about Yokohama soon, now i have to go feed my sore husband some tiramisu pudding (yeah, i don't know if that's a great idea either, but there's only one way to find out)!


  1. sore?! did he get more work done already??

    i need to see cherry blossoms.. usually they are all over vancouver right now, but we have had such a crap winter.. its just rain rain rain...

  2. Yeah, he had his first of three sessions today.
    It was a short one (compared to the usual 8 hours), but he got a lot done.
    It's gonna be soooo pretty!!

    Sorry about the rain, it's pretty cold here too, but i'm just so happy to be here, i don't care!

  3. pretty!

    its been so sunny and warm here over the past week, its so nice seeing all the cherry blossoms in bloom, and daffodils everywhere :)

    so glad spring is here! xxx

  4. I love cherry blossoms and can't wait till we get them here!! They are so beautiful!! ... I want it to be springtime NOW!! - But actually it is winter and snowing again just now as I am writing this!

  5. Coolt billede af den lille fugl imellem de fine blomster!

  6. Oh thats lovely! I hope tou have it really nice!