Monday, March 16, 2009

Finally, a plant i won't be able to kill

I ordered these fake cattails online a while back, but they've been at the shop for a long time cause the package they came in was really big and hard to transport.
But now they're finally home and i placed them in an antique Lysol bottle on one of my books-turned-into-tables thingies.

Nature, now indoors too!

They're from the same company where i got the chubby birds and they were pretty cheap.
I like them so much i might even order some more.


  1. does that company make little magpies too? i think thats what i want on my hat! xxx

  2. Sadly there are no magpies, but i'll try to find one for you in japan!

  3. Har du prøvet orkideer, eller hvordan det nu staves? Jeg er også virkelig dårlig til at holde liv i planter, men orkideer... de er fanme næsten ikke til at slå ihjel! Og så er de pæne engang imellem.

  4. I love cattails! Haha when I was 16 I had this businessman tattooed on my stomach and there are cattails on the side. Although now they look like corn dogs.

  5. They do kind of look like corn dogs!

    Orkideer, eh? Det kunne være jeg skulle skaffe mig sådan en sucker når jeg kommer hjem!