Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Favorite things

Some of the things i can't wait to do as soon as i get to Japan:

*Hug Rei and Hata so hard they shriek like little schoolgirls.

*Play Taiko no Tatsujin at Adores until my fingers bleed.

*Go shopping for pants at two in the morning at our local 24 hour Jeans Mate.
Jeans Mate is where i buy all my obscure Japanese brand jeans, the staff there is amazing and i shop so much better at night.

*Eat stuff!
I can't wait to eat ramen, ice cream parfait with cornflakes, tempura and soba, donuts and ice coffee, croque monsieur sandwich from the cafe by the station, lots of onigiri for breakfast, sushi at Momotaro, Korean barbeque, 7-11 bean salads... i could go on, but i'm actually kind of hungry right now and this is not helping.

*Go shopping!
Japan is where i do almost all of my shopping, because i don't like to shop in Denmark, and also because Japan is where all my favorite shops are.
I think i'll do a separate post about places to shop there soon.

*Hang out with my girls Izumi, Crystal, Kaori and, hopefully, Ai.
Since Izumi quit Inkrat i don't see her as much as i'd like, but hopefully she'll have time to hang out a bunch this time and Ai just hinted that she might come to Tokyo, yay!

*Get lost.
I love wandering the streets of Tokyo, and lately Yokohama too, without really knowing where i'm gonna go.
Oh, and if anyone reading this know of any fun things to do in Yokohama, please drop me a comment.
Allan has three sessions booked for his back, and for me that means three days of sightseeing there.
And i've seen a bunch of places there already.

*Hanami, it's the best.
This year i'm thinking of going to Ueno Park instead of the usual trip to Shinjuku or Kichijoji.

*Wakeup to the the sound of some idiot driving around in a car with a speaker on top, or just someone walking around with a cart and yelling really loud, trying to sell something to someone.
Tokyo is probably the loudest, most annoying, least Zen place in the universe, but that's how i like it.

*Be spontaneous.
It's something we rarely have time for here in DK.
And although i love having a dog, he doesn't always make it easy for us to just go out and do stuff on a whim.
But in Tokyo we can do that all the time. Just hop on a train to somewhere cause we feel like it.
Like this one day we where shopping at Tower Records in Shibuya (another favorite place) which we do often.
Anyway, we were at a Doutor cafe around the corner from Tower, looking a our purchases and reading Metropolis when i noticed that the Slackers were playing in Shibuya that same night.
So we went back to Tower, got a clerk there to draw us a map of how to get to the venue and we went to the show.
Stuff like that does not happen to us very often here.

Of course there's tons more, but i should get back to work now, them tubes won't scrub themselves.

Here's a few random shots from November:

Our street and our 24 hour supermarket
Allan trying on a hot little number at Jeans Mate
Me at (i think) Sankien Garden in Yokohama
Funky looking fish in Koenji

Denmark actually isn't too bad at the moment either (unless of course a good old gang war isn't your thing, but who doesn't love it when criminals run their city, right?)
I love my job and i love improving little things around the shop every day.
There's always something to do here.
And the weather is great, the show last night was really good and my parents missing bags are no longer missing.
And we're listening to Bon Jovi, i don't know why that's a good thing, but it is!


  1. I'm excited for you! And shopping in other countries is the best... although I'm not sure faux fur is the look for Allan :) Lucifer is like your little son! Do you bring him back treasures when you come home?

  2. Jeans Mate ser cool ud, det er bare svært at finde rundt på den japanske hjemmeside!
    Og Bon Jovi er cool af samme grund som Europe og så videre: meeeemories tra la la la la la laaaaaaaaaa!!!

  3. Kender du denne her sang:

    Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens. Brown paper packages tied up with strings.
    These are a few of my favorite things..

    Kom til at tænke på den efter dit indlæg!

  4. Dude, alle skal til Japan! Men sådan er det vel når størstedelen af ens venner er Asien-nørder.
    Jeg gad fanme også godt. Oh, well. En anden gang!
    Håber i får en fantastisk tur!

  5. One more time for the people in the back...I WANT TO GO TO THERE!!!

  6. ummm cause bon jovi rules?

    also, i dont think allan really wants to go, so ill go in his place!
    tattooing cant be that hard right?

  7. I feel like I've asked you this before. But have you been to China Town in Yokohama? Those buns and everything they have there...I think you'll love it. I don't really enjoy Chinese food in other countries because it tends to be too greasy, but I do know you can get some really really good food there in Yokohama China Town. It's quite fun to hang out there, too.


  9. Corey/Marv: Yes, yes they do!

    Coralene: I always buy way too much crap for him in Japan, but he loves getting presents, so i can't help it!
    I buy him snacks and sometimes a little sweater or something. Last year i even got him a raincoat that looks like a bee, it's awesome and it cheers up anyone who runs into us on a rainy day!

    Ai: I have been to Chinatown quite a few times. I think i was even there on our first ever trip to Japan in '04. But i like it there, and i'll probably go again this time, maybe with a good camera?

  10. Hey, my name is Mikael. I come from Indonesia. I am a big fan of your husband's work. I kinda surprise to hear that you guys are going to Japan.

    I am going there too from March 17th until April 2nd. Would love meet uncle allan and you of course, probably at inkrat. When are you guys leaving for Japan?

    Nice to know you

  11. Hi there,
    Don't be surprised, we go there all the time!
    We'll be in Tokyo from the 21st of March until the 26th of April.
    We'll also spend a few days in Akita (from the 3rd till the 6th i think) up north.
    I don't know what days Allan is working yet, but you can always call Inkrat and ask if he's working the day you plan on visiting. They're closed on thursdays though!

    Nice to know you too, and thanks so much for reading the blog!


  12. Hey, your welcome.

    Yep, i definitely visit inkrat in order to meet your hubby. Really love his works. Hopefully i can meet you guys and have a drink or food together perhaps if you want. Or maybe we can go to ghibli studio together. Wuhuuuu...cant wait to go there!

    Anyways, you may already know this tho, Horiyoshi III is going to have an exhibition at Ginza starting from March 18th and goes for a month. I just thought that Allan and you might want to go there.

    Mikael Mirdad

  13. There are three tin toy museums in Yokohama, have you been? I'm going for sure! Godzilla and robots!

  14. Thanks Sunny, i'll definitely look those up!
    Apparently there's a ramen museum too, but that's more of an Allan thing!