Saturday, March 7, 2009

A day without internet

Yes, it is possible.

Yesterday was our day off/work at home day, and i somehow managed to not open my laptop all day.
Yeah, i'm impressed too.

So, yesterday started way too early for my taste.
My brother woke me up at 8-something asking if i'd heard from our parents yet, cause he was sure they were supposed to have landed.
I told him they were probably waiting for their luggage or something and i went back to sleep.
Not long after my mom called and said they were on the bus and on their way home.
I had promised them breakfast, so i told her i'd call when it was ready.
I'd just fallen asleep again when the alarm went off.
Some morning.

I made a huge brunch, woke up my mom and dad who'd taken a nice nap and we all ate together as they told us about their trip.
Unfortunately their bags had gone missing somewhere between Washington and Copenhagen, so there were no souvenirs.
I hope they get their stuff back soon (not for the sake of my souvenirs, of course, just cause losing your stuff sucks).

Eggs, bacon, coffee, yogurt, fruit, the works (and Allan's arm)

In the afternoon me and Allan went shopping for some blinds and pillows for the shop, and i got me some fresh flowers too.
Spring... it's not in the temperature yet, but it sure is in the air.

I spent most of the day at my parents apartment, helping them hang paintings and cabinets, and make it a little more homey in general.
They've been so busy with their house that the apartment haven't gotten much attention.
But we got a lot of work done and it looks great.

Then my friend Helle came over, this time without her little buddy Calvin.
We just hung out, completely overdosed on sushi and watched 30 Rock all night.
Just what i needed.
So you see, there was really no time to blog, no time at all.

But today.. today has been a little busy as well, but in that good way.
I've cleaned the apartment, taken Lucifer for a nice, long walk and i finished a hat.
Finishing what i've started is not one of my strengths, so i'm always happy when it happens.

The pictures look pretty much the same as the in-progress shots i posted the other day, but stuff was added.

I added more leaves and feathers (the inside fabric is green by the way, not red lace as the top, but you obviously can't see that here)
And i added an elastic band and a comb too, you know, to keep it in it's place


  1. He he, ja yay for hyggelim - og fanden for at skabe det!
    Dejlig aften indeed!

  2. Aw, what a sweet little friend he is, with his little chubby bird tummy peeking out!

    Were you parents in Washington state or D.C.? I hope they find their luggage soon too, it's the worst feeling to lose it! I lost mine (or rather, Southwest Airlines did) in Las Vegas once and I kept imagining some random girl going through my things and exclaiming, "I love this! And it's my size!" haha

  3. Thanks!!

    D.C., i believe.
    It really sucks cause they have some rare recordings with them.
    Plus all their stuff.
    I've never really thought of someone going through peoples bags like that, but it must happen all the time.
    And you do have very cute clothes!