Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Last night a was getting ready to put together my Japan wallet.
A good Japan wallet has to be a little bigger than my normal one, cause the Yen bills are pretty big.
And in my Japan wallet i don't have anything i only need in Denmark, such as card reminding me of doctors appointments, bus tickets, stuff like that.

What i do have in it, is lots of point cards.
See, in japan you get a point card almost everywhere you go.
You use it to collect points, obviously, that gives you discounts or free gifts and stuff like that.
I have a pretty big collection by now, the most important ones being my Tower Records card, my Mister Donut card and cards for various clothing (and sock) stores.
With them i also keep my membership card to my internet café and the gaming arcade.

So last night i was looking for them, and they were just... gone.
I cleaned up my desk a while back, and i used my coin purse, where i used to keep them, for something else.
I can't find them anywhere.

I still have three days, maybe they'll turn up.
They have to, i needs my free crap and discounts!

Yesterday at work i made those little laminated, wallet sized currency cards, two for me and two for Allan. I think they're pretty clever


  1. Ej mand! Dem må du finde! Gratis ting er yay!

  2. How handy! Your wallet looks cute. What is the print?

    And on a side note- holy cow, your readers have gone up! That's awesome! :)

  3. I know, i can't complain!

    The print is actually i little notebook i got from my friend Tina.
    Very cute.

  4. good thinking on the currency cards!!

  5. Yeah, i thought those were pretty clever too!
    Allan didn't seem too impressed, but i'm gonna use them all the time.