Sunday, March 22, 2009


We're here.
I can't even begin to tell you how good it is to be back.
We even have a decent (7-9-13) internet connection at the apartment!
Ok, i'm just gonna post a bunch of pictures real quick and get on with the day!

Around this point i couldn't sleep anymore
But that was ok, it's one of my favorite places to fly over, the landscape is so amazing and i had a window seat
At the airport we ran into our friend Chrystal who was picking up Nico, another friend.
How weird.
But the weren't going the same way as us, so we split up at Narita St.

Allan, taking in Koenji
Hata was at the shop when we came in, and Rei came to work soon after.
The guys were too busy to go down to the rental office with us, so we just walked around Koenji and hung out at the shop all day.
I had hoped for a nap at the apartment before dinner, but since that wasn't happening, i settled for a quick one on the sofa at Inkrat.

Allan checking his mail on the worlds oldest computer (no, really!)
Jetragged and no makeup is not a good look for anyone
New shop in Koenji, they were building it last time we were here
Hello Gachapin & Mukku
Seasonal snacks at our 7-11
Allan thinks i look retarded, but i don't care, my early 90's fannypack is practical AND festive!
While waiting on Rei and Hata, Izumi came and we killed some time at the cheap shoe store
Dinner at a new Osaka Pizza place (that's not actually what it's called, but that's what Rei always called it, so the name is stuck now)
The restaurant looks exactly like these places used to 30-40 years ago, super cute
Pretty, pretty wall
Our japanese family ordering a delicious dinner
When we finally came home, we pretty much just collapsed in front of the TV.
It was only around midnight, but we were just beat.

Morning coffee
I moved the furniture around last time, and they actually kept it that way.
Makes me wonder if anyone has lived here since we were here in November (except for the cockroach i found in my slippers last night, eek!)

Home, sweet tiny home


  1. "Exciting Book Store"? Haha!
    I love your fanny pack! It is silly, BUT it's fun and fancy too :) More people need to wear fanny packs. I'm glad you made it safely, and I can't believe how much you've done already!

  2. Exciting book store!
    cheap shoe store!


    coachroach in shoe

    i cant get behind you on the fanny packs. sorry..

  3. Godt I er fremme! Og skønt allerede med blog post!
    Sjovt at de andre kommenterer på exciting book store, det synes jeg også var grineren! I modsætning til boring bookstore!
    Jeg synes du ser fantastisk ud på billedet fra Inkrat, så da jeg læste hvad du havde skrevet om det, udbrød jeg 'tsk, tsk'!
    Vejret ser super ud!
    Hyg jer!

  4. Glad to see you've arrived safely and already settled in! c",)
    "Jetragged" (he-he) or not: You look beautiful as always! ... And if that bookstore turns out to be both cheap and exiting, you'll be at great risk of overload when you return in a month! ;o)
    Have fun, you guys!

  5. No one likes a boring bookstore, even the japanese knows this!!

    I need to buy a bag soon, the fannypack is great (really Corey, it is!) and surprisingly roomy (it holds an iphone, camera, coinpurse, chapstick, small evain and my keys!) but i do need just a little more room.

  6. Gachapin!!! He is my forever hero!