Monday, March 9, 2009

Camera, action

Lately i've been feeling less than satisfied with my camera*.
It's not that it's bad, it's just that, well...
It takes either really bright (too bright) pictures on auto with flash, but on manual, without the flash, they're too grainy.
It's probably just me, i'm not very good with cameras, but still, it's annoying.
And then, when i borrow Allan's camera, it just reminds me of how good and clear pictures can actually look, and i get really sad cause mine don't look like that.
But my camera is tiny. That's practical ya'll.
Even when i'm wearing super tight pants, it still fits in my pocket.
And i carry enough crap around in my bag every day, i really don't need the extra weight of a large camera.

But a while ago Allan reminded me, that he still has his old camera, which is also pretty good.
But he never uses it, so i might as well.

That's what the old/new one looks like, taken with my IXY, obviously

So today i remembered it, and decided to start using it as my home-camera.
I took one picture and realized that there was a fisheye lens on.
Nothing wrong with that, although it wasn't really what i was going for at the time, but what the hell.
I'm sure Allan has some other lens i can borrow.
But this morning he wasn't home, so fisheye is what you're getting!

Whenever Allan leaves for work before me, Lucifer gets up in the window and looks for him, sometimes he'll stay there until it's time for us to leave too
The rose bush that got infected with bugs has recovered really well. After dropping all of it's leaves as a result of my frost/poison treatment it's now full of tiny, new baby leaves (and the mini oak is doing well too)
Here's the hat i was working on last night, it's kind of magical this one. As you can see there's a hummingbird hovering over it... yeah, it's magic!
*Mine is the brown/gold one.


  1. Lille Musifer looking for his daddy! Han er så cute! Og fisheye billeder er sjove!
    Jeg synes også det er plat, at mit kamera er så stort, men jeg er glad for billederne det tager! Man kan åbenbart ikke få det hele..

  2. Nej, i hvert fald ikke endnu...

    Men om nogle år må der da komme et godt pocket-spejlrefleks kamera!

  3. Det er også sådan et jeg har. Jeg vil godt nok rigtig gerne meget snart have et nyt. Må holde op med at rejse :s

  4. i have to say that i love the fish eye effect, and that that alone has prompted me to learn more about taking pictures and makes me want a camera that can do that..

    ive just started having fun with digital macro.. but that looks so cool too!

  5. It is pretty cool, and not nearly as heavy as Allans new Canon (but maybe that's because he always uses really heavy lenses?)
    I've also been thinking about borrowing his G9 (yeah, he has too many) cause it takes great pictures, but it's small too.

    Holde op med at rejse?