Thursday, March 12, 2009


It's past midnight and we just got home from work.
I was supposed to go see Martin play this TV gig, but yeah, that didn't happen.
So tired.

But at work i finally got around to fixing this machine that i use to weld and cut the bags for tubes... i don't know how to explain, but it looks like this.
Anyway, i called for a repairman a while back, but the dude from the company said it would be cheaper if they sent me a kit and i could just change all the parts myself.
I asked him if it was easy to do and he was a little hesitant, but said yes, if i just remembered where i put all the parts so i could put it back together correctly.
I get that now.

I was almost looking forward to fixing it, so i don't know why i haven't done it before today.
It took me forever, and i was dumb enough to do it while the autoclave was running, so the tiny room was super hot.
And using tools while wearing (pink) gloves is tricky.
But i fixed it and there where no leftover screws.
It has all new shiny parts, it's working much better now, and now i think i even understand how the damn thing works.
I'm feeling pretty good about that.

Ok, that was probably the most boring post ever.
I'm just gonna give up and sit and stare at nothing for about an hour, then go to bed.


  1. I used to work one of those at my mothers job, years and years ago.

    Getting stuff from the autoclave and wrapping them up... Brings back memories.

  2. Ah, i'm so glad there's at least one person here who knows what i'm talking about!