Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Big ass flowers and chubby birds

And a superglue headache.
That's what's going here at Absalonsgade right this minute.

If you look past the swan incident, today was a nice and easy day.
Allan was prepared and on schedule (!), and managed to do two tattoos and still be home before 7 pm.
Such a treat!
We even had time to go outside and take a few quick pictures.
Allan wanted to test his grandfathers old camera, but i made him take a few shots with mine while he was at it.

I wanted to wear my Texas belt today, but it felt too heavy this morning, so my outfit looks incomplete (but isn't that Volvo cute?)

Not too long after we came home Allan went off to some show and i made myself a nice home-alone TV dinner.
I always eat fish when Allan goes out, just like he always go to Burger King before a show.
It's a tradition i guess.

Salmon, salad and an episode of Medium on Ninjavideo

After dinner i worked a bit on the headband style hat i started yesterday.
I used another chubby bird, the fat robin matched the fabric a little too well, so he almost got lost in there.
After wearing one of these types of hats in Milan i discovered how comfortable and easy to wear they actually are, and now i just wanna make tons of them.
Ok, maybe not tons, but at least one.

I need to fix her hair soon, she's looking a little trashy these days...

Huge flower and some feathers too
Oh, hi there!

Hopefully there'll be some finished pictures of this up soon.


  1. very pretty birdie headbandie.

    how did you end up cooking your fish? looks yummy.

  2. i still dont know where to wear that fur headband i got...

  3. I just cooked it in the oven, on the grill setting, with some pepper, seasalt and olive oil.
    Sweet and simple.

    Corey, maybe not Hawaii.
    But everywhere else!!