Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wtf, internet?

Update: Scroll down for the latest post, the order is effed up again!

We've had some busy days and late nights at the shop lately.
But yesterday i went home early for a doctors appointment and spent the rest of the day grocery shopping, cleaning and editing pictures for the blog and the article i'm doing on Milan.
And i spent some time with my parents who are in town.

When Allan came home we went to my parents apartment and had dinner with them and my aunt who moved in next door to them.
It was really nice just being able to drop in on my family, it makes me wish they lived here all the time.

Anyway, me and Allan (and Wookie and this guy we met in Milan who's guestspotting in Denmark) went to see a show at Vega.
It was good, but as ususal i wasn't really feeling it.
And the crowd were surprisingly preppy!
Allan had to go home and draw, i had blogging to do, Eric (the Milan guy) was going all the way back to Helsingør and Wookie had an entire band that needed to stay at his place, so we all went home early.
And i was finally gonna blog about Milan.

And then (stop me if you've guessed this already) the internet dies!
All night it's just out.
And there's no way to contact the company that late.
Allan was pissed, he needed reference pictures for todays tattoos.
It sucked.
And now i'm late for work, so i still don't have time to blog.
I'm not even gonna say i'll do it later cause who the hell knows?
But maybe.

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