Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekend self portraits

Allan was busy painting i took these myself.
I'm almost wearing the same outfit today, actually.
Which was a very bad idea, cause it is not skirt and tights weather in Copenhagen today.
Not at all.

Vintage scarf from the garage sale in Austin
Big ol' boots from a shop in Shibuya, Tokyo.
This was meant to be a belt/necklace shot, but it looks more like a... yeah.
Lucifer cannot stand not being the center of attention, and demanded to know what i was doing that didn't involve him
Today was pretty mellow.
Started out kinda lame.
But the good kind of lame, the kind that makes you think and plan.
Still lame, though.

But then we got a visit from Helle and Calvin, and they always do a good job cheering me up.

Now, more skull making, got some new hobby clay to test!


  1. Super flotte, både bæltet, halskæden og øhmm... He he!
    Og Lucifer den lille nosy dreng, damn han er sød! Og så er han vild med Poul Thomsen bukser, fordi de (udover selvfølgelig at være brandfrække), indeholder treats!

  2. Dumme falske Balder, der nu tror alle lommer er fulde af snack!

  3. i have that butterfly belt!

    ....well....I did until my little sister stole it off me!

    and could lucifer get any cuter!??!


  4. I don't think so, but he keeps trying!