Saturday, February 7, 2009

This day is so great, why do i feel like crap?

I've gotten a lot of stuff done today.
Cleaned my corner of crap (that nearly killed me), did some laundry, played with Lucifer and fooled around with my husband.

But i'm starting to feel like i did last night, all crappy and queasy.

In other news, i got a package today from this danish company that sells all these weird party and shop supplies.
I ordered a bunch of stuff from them, so they sent it in two packages and Post Danmark, the incompetent bastards, seem to have lost one of them.
I'm hoping it's only temporary, but come on!
It's two packages delivered to the same address, from the same address.
And they've attempted to deliver them both here yesterday while i was at work, so somewhere between my street and the post office five minutes from here, one of them just went *poof* and disappeared?
Yeah, i don't think so.

Anyway, the first one had the birds i ordered and they are so cute!
They were really cheap, so i wasn't expecting them to be this nice at all.
I'll post pictures tomorrow.
Right now i'm just struggling to convince myself that i'm feeling great, so i can go out tonight.
I put on make up, don't let it be for nothing, dammit!


  1. i just cant shift the bad feelings either.

    feel totally unappriciated at the moment, i feel like even my best friend doesnt want to be around me, and is bored of my company.

    i may run away to denmark! can i live in your garden?!? xxx

  2. It's the weather!!! Well, I think so at least. It's getting a little nicer out lately but I don't think I'll completely return to my normal cheery self until it's cheery outside as well. I need to smell grass and feel sunshine on my face (uh, hippie much?)- I'm not cut out for cold winters. Maybe you aren't either! :)

  3. Hmm. Jeg har en idé om hvad der trykker dig! Vi snakkes i morgen, så får den fuld Johan på biiiiatcheriet!!

  4. Oh, i'm sorry to hear you guys aren't feeling too good either.
    Actually i was in an ok mood, i was just physically ill, but i didn't wanna get into the gross details!
    But we're home and besides smelling like cigarettes, i'm felling ok-ish.

    Sam, we don't actually have a garden, but there is a backyard with kids playhouses, so i guess you could live in one of those? But i gotta warn you, people generally suck here too!

    And no, i am so not a winter person, i needs me some sunshine and green grass and birdsong, please.
    Treehuggers unite!

    Thanks for the comments, you guys are awesome!

  5. Ja det er sgu helt utroligt med post danmark. Det er næsten lige til x-files med de pakker der bare forsvinder ud i det blå. stram nu op for faen!

  6. Hey I know I know !!!! You're feeling crap cuz I haven't been around for so long !!! It's true it's true !! But your luck just changed ! Hah !! Wait till you see the crap I got you guys !!! It'll be as great and amazing as a package delivered on time with no problems from the post office !!!!! Can you imagine how awesome that sounds !!!! Just like in all the other countries !!!! Wow !!!!! See ya for BBBreakfast !

  7. oooh kids playhouse!?! that sounds awesome! i can sit in it, drink tea and knit :)

    haha xxx