Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Not your average monday

We got off work unusually early today.
Early enough to go home and take a nap together (ah, joy), eat some dinner and go to the movies.
That's huge for us.
Not only because we're never home early, but also because we rarely go anywhere without the dog.
Yeah, it's pretty pathetic.

But today we left him alone for a few hours to go see Låt den rätte komma in at the small movie theater on our street.
Yes, there's a movie theater on our street, it's so awesome!
If you knew our old neighborhood, you'd understand our excitement.

Cute, right?
Vester Vov Vov
The movies playing there at the moment, i really wanna see Man on Wire
Very artsy

The café au lait was good and there was enough room on the armrest for the cup and saucer
The movie was great, i really recommend it.
So pretty too.
I reminded me that i have to stop watching mindless, entertaining crap all the time and start getting back into watching good movies.

Oh, but get this: we were in our seats watching previews, for the only other three movies playing there, when this couple come in.
It was just them, us and two other dudes, placed in opposite ends, in the whole room.
So, six people there were to watch the movie.
So they get in to the row in front of us and the dude asks the guy sitting there to move cause he's in his seat.
Seriously, the theater is empty!
There may be numbered seats, but he could have just sat next to him, who cares.
But no, he gets the guys to move, and he and his girlfriend sits down.
But then, for some reason, she decides to move one seat over, so they tell the guy sitting alone that he can move back to where he was sitting when they came in, and he actually moves for them. Again.
I was stunned, but really, it's such typical danish behavior, bossing others around for no good reason, just cause they feel they're right to do so.
I think i need a vacation.


  1. beautiful theater!

    it's kinda funny you mention it. it did happen to us once at a theater in copenhagen!!! and the house was pretty empty, too. but they had to have their seats that matched their tickets, haha. i didn't think they were bossing us, though. :-)

  2. Jeg HAVDE ikke læst det indlæg her. Godt I havde en dejlig tur i biffen. You old lovebirds.