Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Non virtual friends

Sometimes, when she can find time in her busy, busy schedule, and i'm not in some other country, my friend Helle comes by the shop to remind me that i still have friends that exist outside of my computer.

I don't see the few friends i have very often, but her willingness to walk all the way to Nansensgade and hang out at a tattoo shop makes it a lot easier to find time to hang out.

Today she brought along that short person she's been hanging out with a lot lately, and also her magic pants full of dog treats.
Uh, and scones.

Lucifer likes Helle, but he's not a big fan of sharing the attention with Calvin
Dog butt vs. monkey butt
How cute is that? Pretty damn cute!
Lucifer attending an all you can eat pocket buffet!
The greedy little bugger didn't even come up to chew, he just stayed down there till all the treats were gone!

Ah, good times.
After they left i had a ton of work to, but i don't even wanna get into that, i get all stressed just thinking about it.
And no, i still haven't figured out the mystery of the supply bill.


  1. Lucifer den lille laban! Autoriseret snack opsnuser! He he! Det var en god dag! Snart igen! Jeg er ked af hvis du kom bagud i dit arbejde!

  2. send it to me and ill figure it out!