Friday, February 27, 2009

New addiction

I'm still at work, so i have no way to post pictures or anything relevant like that, so i'll just do a little TV rant instead.

Since we moved about a year and a half ago (or is it two, i just can't remember?) we haven't had a TV.
I mean, we have a TV, there just aren't any channels on it.
When we moved into our new apartment there were no channels and we decided not to get any.
I don't mean to sound all preachy, but it's seriously changed our lives for the better, we get so much more stuff done now than before.
And whenever some show gets really hyped and is in the headlines every day, like X Factor or Dancing with the Stars, we're blissfully unaware of who all the people involved are.
It's great, i tell you.

So these days, when i say to Allan:"wanna watch some TV?" i'm either takling about watching a dvd* or going on ninjavideo. net and streaming some TV shows.

Lately we've been all about watching 30 Rock on ninjavideo.
We're both completely in love with that show, in particular Alec Baldwin (who even knew he was that funny?) and Jack McBrayer.
And of course Tina Fey's Liz Lemon, who got us saying the frase "i want to go to there" all the friggin time now!

I'm loving all the Star Wars references on that show, the best one so far has been Liz threateting Kenneth:
"I'm going to cut you open like a tauntaun, you mouth-breathing Appalachian".

Ok, now i'm bored and i wanna go home.

* We have a lot of shows on dvd, including Buffy, Angel, Twin Peaks, Firefly, Carnivale, Weeds, Big Love, Dexter and many more.


  1. orly?
    you have buffy??
    i dare say i dont believe it!

  2. get some british dvds! get the mighty boosh, spaced and black books. all genius british comedy! xxx

  3. We have the Spaced box, good stuff!

    I haven't seen Black Books, but one of our friends from Germany brought a Mighty Boosh dvd when he stayed at our place once, also very funny.

    Corey, i know, it's a real shocker...

  4. Right on , yellow pants !! Say no to the Tv ... Say no to the man !!!

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  6. hell no! jag tittar inte heller på tv förutom film, jag har svårt att följa serier och äger inte ens en dvdspelare, så jag tittar alltid på min dator. ha en fin helg och hoppas solen skiner på dig (er)!

  7. Jeg kan på det mest brændvarme anbefale serien Boston Legal. William Shatner som sexistisk, triggerhappy topadvokat, Candice Bergen som hans evige love interest og James Spader som den lumreste og mest selvoptagne udgave af sig selv ever! Det er en sand fest.

  8. 30 Rock is so funny! We just bought the second season dvd set and I can't stop watching it either. I love Tracy Morgan's character (Tracy Jordan, I think?). And Liz makes me feel so uncomfortable and embarrassed, I just want to grab her shoulders and tell her to STOP IT sometimes, haha.

  9. i love 30 rock i felt the same way about alec baldwin he is awesome