Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mmmm, Mark Ryden

I bought this book at the convention in Milan.
It's so pretty, my favorite of his for sure.

The paintings are amazing of course, but the book also show details of the stunning wooden frames, like this one
Mmmm, magical


  1. Også mig!!!
    Næste gang du kommer forbi Vesterbro må jeg huske at vise dig den... åh så yummy!

  2. Top! Og bare pas på, det blir snart - og uden vedhæng! Så skal den ha fuld Johan, he he!

  3. I love Mark Ryden. I have a very tiny MR book (from the Bunnies & Bees collection) that looks like a little Bible. Do you like Ray Caesar? His work is similar but very eerie- like if Mark Ryden started having very bad dreams about tentacles and fangs. It's all digital, instead of actual paintings, but they're beautiful all the same!

  4. Yeah, i actually looked at a book he did when i was in Milan, took a picture of it too so i wouldn't forget to buy it later.
    Good stuff!