Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kitchen etiquette

I went for a quick grandpa visit yesterday.
If anyone met me later that night and wondered why i reeked of cigar, that's the reason.

This is from his very old kitchen.
I can't translate the embroidered 10 good kitchen advice, cause they rhyme.
But they're pretty funny.
And most of them are still relevant today.

He has a gas stove, that explains the lifetime supply of matches
Words to live by


  1. Sjæl og smør du. Sjæl og smør!
    Hvor er den cool!!

  2. Hey I love smell of cigar !! Like one might love lamp or other such things !!

    Have a super trip outa there-a ina Italiaa-a ... mmaama- mmiaa ! My tattooa ... She isa beaut-iful !!

    Ciao bella !

  3. Hahah, can't you just come with us and replace the actual unfunny italians?

    Sjæl og smør! Så kan det ikke gå helt galt!

  4. i demand an attempt at translation!!

    i need to learn more danish....