Saturday, February 21, 2009

I love you ebay

Winning american auctions when you live in Denmark can be hard.
The auctions usually end around 4 in the morning and that's about an hour past my regular bedtime.
So the chance of getting outbid in the last minute is pretty big.
But sometimes i get lucky.
Friday i went to the post office (still hate them by the way) to pick up the result of one of those lucky auctions: a new (vintage) coat.
And this is me and my new coat walking Lucifer at the park yesterday.
The coat is not as windproof as my old one, but it's roomy and fun.
Love it already.

It's pretty long and big and it has a hood, i'll have to get a better shot


  1. Du borde prova Hammersnipe.
    Bjuder på ebay-auktioner åt en i sista sekund (eller snarare när det är 20-10 sekundr kvar om man har gratis konto).
    Funkar jättebra :D