Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cold 1, Amalie 0

Today we woke up to find all the snow gone.
Not that i didn't like it while it was here, but i am getting a little sick of winter.
It looked so dry and mild out, that i decided to not wear boots.
A ballsy move, i know.
And not necessarily a good one.
It was windy as fuck and i almost flew off my bike a couple of times.

On our usual lake detour i had to take a break and put Lucifer back in the basket.
A tree was being cut down, so me and a few other pedestrians had to wait until they had cut it up in smaller pieces before we could pass.
But they were very efficient so it didn't take long.

Lucifer was not too happy with these people and their powertools interrupting his morning run
As for todays outfit, i was going for librarian chic, but i didn't have any cute heels to match the dress, so it ended up looking like plain librarian (but Allan liked it, so i was happy).
As you can maybe tell, those shoes are not nearly warm enough for 0 degrees c.

I bought the dress at last years Long Beach convention, but today is actually the first time i've worn it
Like a little old lady going to the market


  1. Thanks!
    The pattern hides the belly fat, very practical!

  2. i like your new coat.

  3. Måske jeg skulle købe mig sådan noget mønster, når nu ikke gå turene virker, he he!
    Du er very pwetty!