Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ciao bella!

Milan in two days.
I'm never ready for these things.

It's not that i don't like conventions, i actually do.
They're like festivals, just with tattoos and tattoo groupies, instead of music and band groupies.
But do enough of anything and you become kind of immune.
And working one is different from just visiting.

Funny thing, i've never actually gotten tattooed at a convention (unless really dumb tattoos done in hotel rooms count, but they really don't).
I'm kind of shy and don't like a lot of people (or any) staring at me, so i don't think i'd handle it very well.
But i'm so ready to get tattooed again, and Milan is one of those conventions that attract some of the best artists in the world.
Oh, i don't know. It's probably not gonna happen.
Although it could be fun...
Whatever, we'll see.

In other tattoo related news, i ordered new gloves last week.
Big deal, i do that all the time, nothing new there, right?
They got new colors.
Black nitrile for the guys and pink nitrile for me!
Hells yeah, i'm getting me some pick gloves.
The color of the gloves is probably not gonna make tube-scrubbing anymore interesting, but they might cheer me up on a bad day, who knows.
It's a sad day when new gloves can get a person this excited, but there you go.

I wonder if i can buy pink plastic aprons somewhere?


  1. Jeg synes du er sød, at du kan få optur over handsker!
    Jeg ville gøre mere rent, hvis jeg havde pink handsker!

  2. Det er også en del af min plan!
    Pink handsker=mindre doven Malle!

  3. anything that cheers you up is good. pink is good! pink gloves are better!

  4. Go, gloves, go!

    Jeg kommer til at tænke på en replik fra Grease: "Sandy? Nah, she's too pure to be pink!"

    Men forklæder? Jeg tænker scrubs..? Måske kan de her typer hjælpe dig med mere lyserødt plastik: http://www.sloanco.com/

  5. the other artist i work with(girl)has pink everthing rubber bands, gloves , u name it