Saturday, February 21, 2009

The booth

There we were, same as last year, way in the back room of the convention.
The main floor is so crowded it can take half an hour just to go from a booth to the bathroom, so we were happy to get a booth in the back.

That's Chriss, setting up his sketchbooks and portfolio and stuff (he's not usually this organized, it was very strange to see)
Allan putting up his original paintings for sale, we only sold one, but we may have overprized them a bit cause we really wanted to keep them all

So we thought we had a sweet spot, but it turned out to have a serious con: we sat right under the very loud, very high pitched speakers, that could not be disconnected. All day friday they played the same horrible Kid Rock album, loud, over and over till we almost went mad. After the third time i had to go to the hotel room with a bad Kid Rock headache. The next day the volume got turned down a bit, and Kid never returned...
Allan working on his first client, the very patient Fabian
No, Allans client is not smoking, we'd just bought a massive amount of lollipops at the supermarket, enough to share with everyone
That's me on sunday, Anne took the picture and as usual i look like a dork

I have lots of tattoo pictures too, but i don't want to publish them until Allan and Chriss have had a chance to, so maybe later.

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