Thursday, January 22, 2009

Viva Mexico!

Here's a few of the things we bought at the flea market last Saturday and in a little shop on Congress.

I'm so happy she made it to Denmark in one piece
We've started a whole wall full of these, some old and some new
Weird how you can loathe religion, but love religious artwork
Today is Lucifer day!
Yes, my parents are finally coming to Copenhagen with our little boy and i can't wait to see him.
I've even been vacuuming and washing the floors for his homecoming.
Not that he's gonna notice, so it doesn't even make any sense.

It also looks like i'm staying home today.
Allan has a rare drawing block, so he just went to the shop to talk to his client and maybe move him to saturday (ugh).
We're lucky todays guy is danish, otherwise we would have been in trouble.
So yay for an unexpected day off!


  1. Er du tovlig den er blæret, den figur i vinduet!!

  2. such amazing finds! well done!

    cant wait to hit the fleamarkets in copenhagen, they look awesome! xxx

  3. Thanks, but i'm afraid most of the stuff is from Austin.
    Actually i haven't been to a fleamarket here in DK in a while, but there's a good one in the summer on weekends and it's by the shop, so you can check that out!

    Er hun ikke fin? Vi ville have haft en med hat, men hende havde de sgu solgt da vi kom tilbage for at købe hende. Mage til frækhed!
    Men jeg er nu godt tilfreds alligevel.

  4. The nerve!! Nogen går bare ud af deres vej, for at pisse én af!!
    Godt I fik fat i hende der, hun er way cool!!

  5. We have a religious art wall as well. There's something almost kitschy about it, isn't there!

  6. great wall decor im not religous sort of anti but love relig. art symbology etc.