Friday, January 30, 2009

Smushies at Royal Café

If you don't already know, it's sushi meets smørrebrød.
It's totally overpriced and delicious.
One of those things i only do with my mom.
Oh, and Royal Café don't mind me bringing Lucifer, a serious plus.

Still at work, had to lock the door to keep the drunk friday night riff raff out.
At least our customers are nice, that's a good thing when you have to spend friday night working.

Ps. There's actually a newer post below this one, they just got published in the wrong order.


  1. awww i wish my dinner had flowers on it! :O


  2. Fancy!
    Men nedtur med stive italianos, der besudler shoppen!

  3. gaaaaa. when I do visit this cafe, I insist I stay there at least for a good few hours if not more!!!

  4. Ai, they have cake and coffee too, we can stay there a whole day!
    And we can take shopping breaks in Illums Bolighus next door.