Monday, January 26, 2009


Todays post was supposed to be full of pictures (well, at least one) of me and my new hair.
But sadly, my hairperson called and canceled our appointment this morning.
She was sick, like everyone else seems to be at the moment.
But at least she had a cancellation on wednesday, so i won't have to wait for long.
My hair is starting to look ridiculous.
I'm wearing a hat today, i've been doing that a lot lately.

Allan is sick too, a lot.
But because he's so booked we can't move the clients, there are just no free dates to move them to.
At least he didn't have to draw for today, if it had been one of those days i would have cancelled his appointments for sure.

This weekend was not super exciting. A little weird too.
Because we were only briefly at the shop friday, and then worked all day saturday, i'm still a little confused.
It is monday right?

My grandfather is home from the hospital, so i went to see him yesterday with my mom, my cousins and the kids.
He seemed happier and healthier than he has in a long time.
We all had coffee and cake together and then i cleaned his bathroom with a little help from the boys (i think they were more into splashing water on eachother than actually scrubbing the sink, but we got the job done)!

And at home, we made up for some of the movie nights we've missed lately.
Four movies in total:
Lars and the Real Girl, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Kung Fu Panda and In Bruges.
I'd recommend them all, so if your monday is as crappy as ours you should go rent one of them!


  1. Forgetting Sarah Marshall er virkelig en af de sjoveste film i mange måneder!! Er stor fan. Synd, den blev markedsført som om det var endnu en teenagekomedie.

    Og god bedring til alle. Er glad for at høre, at Morfar har det bedre.

  2. i love love love kung fu panda!!
    and i just watched forgetting sarah marshall when i was in florida!
    well, most of it anyways..

  3. Tak, jeg skal nok sende den videre til ham den syge stakkel!

    Ja, jeg var også ret vild med den, og alt med Jason Segel for den sags skyld!

  4. How did you like Lars? The whole time I was thinking had it not been the pretty Ryan Gosling this dude's just too creepy a dude. Or maybe that's now how you're supposed to see this movie!?

  5. I felt exactly that way, i told Allan that everything about that character spelled axe murderer. Everything exept the fact that it's Ryan Gosling!
    But still i liked it a lot.