Thursday, January 29, 2009

Matryoshka madness

I have this this stat-thingie that tells me how many people visit the blog and what country they're from and stuff like that.
Pretty cool, huh?
It does not tell me your name or home address anything like that, so anonymous stalkers can carry on stalking, you haven't been outed.

The stat-thingie has this interesting feature called "Recent Keyword Activity".
This lets me know what word people googled to get to the blog.
There are some really funny ones, and sometimes some disturbing ones too.
Most of them are pretty predictable, like my name or the name of the blog, or the shop.
Stuff like that.

But recently i've had a lot of hits from people who've googled "Russian Doll Tattoo".
I don't think i've ever used those exact words on the blog, but they may have been used in the comments.
Well, i decided to google "Russian Doll Tattoo", and i gotta say, not a lot of relevant things come up.
It's almost worse if you do a picture search, that's just gives you a random mix of tattoos and nesting dolls, but no nesting doll tattoos!

As you probably know, this is not a tattoo blog.
This is a... a whatever blog, a me blog.
But tattoos are a pretty huge part of my life, tattoos are my job and my hobby too.
So thought, hey, maybe i can help!
I've actually seen a lot of Matryoshka, or Russian doll, tattoos lately (i won't go so far as to say they're the new owls or anything, but lets just say they're pretty damn popular).
And i even have one myself!

So i decided to do a post with some nice examples of Russian doll tattoos and save everybody a couple of hours of googling.
So yeah, that's what i decided to do.
And if people like it, maybe i'll do a post like this once in a while, with different subjects.
Or maybe it'll suck and i'll go back to blogging about my plants and what i had for breakfast.

Now, if you just tuned in and you know nothing about the world of custom tattoos, here's some info for you:
The tattoos posted here are not for you to copy.
Someone else already had these tattoos and they'll be sad if you steal them, so don't.
These are meant to inspire only.
If you want a tattoo like any of these, you're gonna have to find yourself a great artist, possible one of the artists mentioned here, who can draw something pretty for you.
It's not that hard, there are great tattooers all over the planet, you just have to do a little research.

Tattoo by Valerie Vargas, Frith Street Street Tattoo, UK

Tattoo by Nikkiballs, Top Shelf Tattooing, NY, US

Tattoo by Steve Byrne, In Name and Blood, UK

Not exactly a nesting doll, but close enough!
Tattoo by Steve Byrne, In Name and Blood, UK

Tattoo by Annie, Phoenix Tattoo, US

Tattoo by Deno, Tattoo Paradise, Washington, US

Tattoo by Kate, Chapel Tattoo, Melbourne, Aus
She actually has a whole album with nothing but doll tattoos, i just liked this one best

And of course there's my own Matryoshka.
I got this, like, a year and a half ago or something like that, and for about 5 minutes it was a really cool and original idea.
Then, of course, they started popping up everywhere.
But that's how it goes, and i still love it, probably always will.

Tattoo by Uncle Allan, Conspiracy Inc., Denmark

She still needs some touchup, but you get the idea.

So that was todays selection.
If you've been looking for inspiration, i hope you found it.
If not, i hope you at least enjoyed looking at some pretty pictures!

NB: None of these images belong to me*, and i did not take any of the pictures (*except the one of my hand, obviously).
If you are the artist behind any of these tattoos, and you for any reason don't want your work published on this blog, just send me and email (it's in the sidebar on the right) and i'll take it down right away.
All images have been found on the artist's Myspace pages and if you're looking for a good tattoo studio in your area, Myspace is a good place to start.


  1. I'm not saying this because you are my friend, but out of all those tattoos of the same subject I like yours the best. hands down.

  2. Wow. Folk er vilde, derude i verden... men jeg tror, jeg giver Ai ret, din er finest, fordi den er så lille. Den mindste dukke er jo altid den der bliver væk, så det er godt, du har din på fingeren!!

    Hvad er det for en stat-ting, du har, og må man stjæle et link til den?

  3. Hey I'm starting tomorrow ! I'll say hi to Kate for ya and tell her she has a doll fan in Denmark !! I miss ya guys !!!!!!!!!! It's now only +35 ! Much better , right ?

  4. Yours is sweet & tiny. I do love the one going down the girl's side though, that's clever! What is the tracking tool you use? I used to use one on my myspace but it was confusing and I sort of stopped caring :)

  5. Ha, searching 'russian doll tattoo' is actually how I found you blog a couple of monthes ago, Reading your last post made me feel like I was a little bit in trouble, omg she know's! I was doing a little research, but now regularly check in to see whats going on, I'm in New Zeland btw.

  6. Awesome!
    I'm so happy you're still reading the blog!

  7. det var godt! mere af det, hvis du gider.
    kan du ikke lave en med enhjørninger? jeg vil gerne have en enhjørning... ææhhh. en gyngehest-enhjørning! synes ikke jeg har kunne finde særlig mange gode.

  8. Det kan du edderdæl'me tro jeg kan!
    Enhjørninger er pænt meget the bomb.

  9. virkelig original tatovering ! - elsker at den er på din finger, det må have været svært at lave.

    Jeg har lige skrevet historien om min megaman tattoo ned her:

    håber du har lyst til at læse med, Jeg har det på samme måde med den som du har haft det med din Matryoshka

  10. I googled "russian doll tattoo" because I was looking for ideas of things to put around my dolls. Instead of ideas I got super envious of all the awesome pictures!

    I need a new artist ;)

  11. Oh, i'm sure you can find a great artist where you live.
    Only part of Texas i know anything about is Austin, but there are great artists all over!

    Good luck!

  12. Just stumbled across this post, thank you! I have collected Babushka dolls (as we call them) since I was little and have recently thought I'd like to get one as a tattoo... and as you say, they are quite popular!
    However, great to know that Kate at Chapel Tattoo does them, I can go to her as I live in Melb!
    Thanks again xx

  13. Hi Stephanie, glad you could use this post, i hope you'll get Kate to do a really cute one on you!

  14. You have to check out these matryoshka dolls. They have tattoos on them!

  15. Those are awesome, thanks for the link!

  16. just wanted to say that i love the blog! I also found you by searching for russian doll tattoo!

    also thought i'd show you mine

    it still needs some work but getting there

    also love yours it's so sweet!

  17. These are amazing! I would say that it takes a very skilled tattoo artist to successfully create a matryoshka tattoo. And they are all gorgeous, especially yours and the first three you posted here.

  18. Wow, thanks a lot! Google has been pants for inspiration there's some good ones here ^_^ thanks x

  19. typing "russian doll tattoo" is how i found your blog too! :-) That was a few months ago since i got my tattoo last may. I was looking for inspiration and found your blog, that i like very much!

  20. Thanks, part two is coming up soon, so i hope you'll stick around!

  21. thanks..Im a bit of a tattoo whore myself and cant go a few months without having another one designed..though I have started later in life with tattoos..I got my first at 30 and now am 32 and have 7...anywho, I have been toying with the idea of Nesting doll tattoo..I never realized why till I went back to US for 2 weeks (lived in japan for 8 years now in germany) My grandmother went to RUssia and brought me back one and it dawned on me why i wanted one..I remember playing with hers..while thank you for the pictures..still not sure if i want one or differnt sizes but i did decide i want it too look like a traditonal doll with the rounded bottom..

  22. Hey !Love the idea of having Russian Doll tattoo on the finger! Its So unique. We sell Russian Dolls! Have a look on the designs @

  23. Here's my matroyska tattoo, from Ryan Mason! :)