Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day off

Today is hair-appointment-day.
It's also Allan-is-so-sick-we-had-to-cancel-his-appointments-day.
And wednesday.

This is what my head looked like this afternoon, in the weird light in the livingroom, not too bad, but not good either

It was a nice visit at the salon.
Hair girl was feeling much better and she decided we'd call this a trim and that she wouldn't charge me this time.
Free haircut? Yes please!

After a nice afternoon with the boys, i decided to color my hair too.
I know that may sound a little dumb, since i just came from the hair salon, but since losing a lot of hair in '07, and spending most of '08 trying to get it back, i don't really take any chances with hair products.
I get treatment at a hair clinic in Copenhagen and i now use only their shampoo and conditioner.
And for color, i use only organic, plant based products and those have to stay in a little longer than the chemical ones.
So i do it at home.
And i save a few bucks that way too!

The shop was all out of the pre-mixed color, so i had to mix it myself this time
Green, smelly and going on my head for about two hours
I may be able to pull off a turban hat, but an actual turban, not so much
While the color was doing its thing, i made a small owl skull out of Fimo (Allan and Lucifer were sleeping on the couch the whole time)
The after picture:
Kind of a space age playmobil mushroom, definitely not just a trim!
Oh, and i'm holding a lamp, not just doing a random pose
Time to join sick husband on the couch for tea and a movie.


  1. Du for lækker, lækker, lækker, lækker, lækker, lækker, lækker, lækker, lækker!!!! (Repeat)

  2. Damn, your bangs. So fierce! I love it!!!

  3. so cute!!
    im cutting my hair next week!

  4. Du jo fin. Min yndlings playmobil!

  5. Aw, tak & thanks & arigato you guys!