Tuesday, January 27, 2009


In spite of my best efforts, i did manage to pack on a few extra kg's in Texas.
Dammit, it's just not possible to come back from the States looking the same as when you left.
I'm telling you, it's not.

Not too noticeable yet, but i know
The picture is from this morning and the top is from the fleamarket.

So, these past few days i've been cooking more, and cooking healthy japanese inspired food.
And soup, of course, it's what sick people need.
Today we had Onigiri for dinner, three different kinds (smoked salmon, salmon roe/wasabi, omelet/tofu, mine also had avocado in them, yum).

I'm gonna try to exercise a bit more too.
It's just hard, cause when Allan is sick, i don't feel right either.
Like watching him feel bad just drains my energy or something.
Stupid, but that's how it feels.
But i'm gonna try to move my ass more anyway.
Also, i'm not sleeping well.
Sleeping has never been a problem for me, only in times of serious stress, so i'm a little confused as to what the reason might be.
Ok, time to stop whining.

In other and better news, it seems like my new computer will arrive sometime thursday.
I know, that's so fast.
So goodbye to this:

And hello to this!
Tomorrow, getting my hair cut.


  1. awww your house is so cute and pretty!

    i know the feeling, i'm trying to cook healthy food too, but sometimes you just cant bothered :( I've started a food blog though, with vegan recipes :)

    my cat had kittens yesterday and they are so cute!! xxx

  2. Awesome, congratulations!

    Do you have homes for them already?

  3. Yup, all have homes! :)

    I'll get some pictures up on my blog in a few minutes, check them out! Cute little babies!xxx

  4. Som altid er du et syn for guder (med eller uden ekstra kilo!) Glæder mig til at se dit nye hår - forhåbentlig i denne uge.

  5. you know.. for all my 3 weeks off travelling around the states and eating.. i lost 5 lbs. sorry.

    and yay for new laptops! i love mine!!

  6. I'm just gonna hate you for the next five minutes.