Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Same procedure as last year?

Christmas seems to be right around the corner, and you all know what comes sneaking up on you right after christmas?
That's right, new years.
It's the same problem every year, where to go, what to do?
And for some reason we never get invited to fun parties.
People must not like us very much.

So it usually ends with us making a huge dinner and throwing a party of some sort.
And i never want to.
I hate throwing parties.
In fact i hate new years.
It's the most anticipated party of the year, and it's always the biggest disappointment.
Last year was nice though. We had some friends over, ate some great food, got wasted and played guitar hero till 8 in the morning.

Here are some pre-blog pictures from last years party.
I look thinner.
Fuck, i gained weight again, didn't i?
Why don't i ever see that coming?

Martin and Allan shred
Played for the first time ever the day before new yearsit was fun, and i think i play better when i'm drunkThis year i'm wearing a hat, that's all i know


  1. Yes we have the same problem as well. What to do in Copenhagen on New Year's Eve!

  2. Arg, også her - det evindelige problem. Jeg aner heller ikke, hvad vi skal. Har lyst til at lave ingenting. Men helst sammen med nogen. I pænt tøj. Arg igen.

  3. Jeg synes du er brand lækker nu!
    Og vi ved heller ikke hvad vi skal Nytårsaften. Men det skal være SINDSSYGT!!! He he he!

  4. You did not gain weight, you're itty bitty! You DID get a lot more tattoos though, ha. Isn't it funny looking back at pictures of "before"... sometimes I think I look so young in them, but then realize I don't, my skin is just bare.

    And staying in is much better than going out. Let's see... Guitar Hero and wine and friends, or sweaty creepy bar guys spilling drinks down your back and telling you you're hot when you know they can only see out of one eye anyways... not too hard of a decision!

  5. if i was having a new years party, and we both lived in the same country, you and allan would definately be invited! i love playing hostess! x (and we have guitar hero!)

  6. seriously, i don't think you've gained weight. on the contrary!

    you should come with me to my parents' for new years. it's really relaxed, and there will be lots of good traditional local food.


  7. i dont really care about new years, so i never get worked up about where im going.. id totally prefer a chill night in with friends and guitar hero!!

  8. I like that you play guitar better drunk.
    Going out is overrated.
    And weight? If you could see me shaking my head...

  9. I did get a bunch of tattoos this year. Not that that's an accomplishment in itself, but it's fun to look at before picture, i agree.

    And i'd love to just do the same as last year, only i'd want there to be dancing too. That's all i missed at last years party; dancing.
    Will there be dancing at your parents place Ai? Cause i think i wanna go there!