Sunday, December 21, 2008

No tears

Yesterday, going to NV to help my parents pack.
It'll most likely be my last time at the house. But i'm ok.

Vesterbrogade, i like christmas trees
Took two buses instead of one, cause i thought i could save a few minutes. I don't think i actually did, but at least i saw this jolly bunch
The secret entrance to our backyard is almost closed now
This sign was there before i was, my mom made it
It turned out to be less packing and more sorting through my old crap than i'd imagined.
There was a huge box in the outside basement that (literally) had my name on it.
It turned out to be old school work, my collection of letter sets, pictures, notes and letters and an embarrassingly large collection of Nuno Bettencourt photos (no, i was never cool and this pretty much proves it).
Seeing letters from friends that i've lost touch with and old essays written by someone who used to be me almost brought the tears out.
But only almost.
You're not gonna get me, dammit.
I had some coffee, froze my ass off in the garage and met the new owners.
And then my brother and me drove my stuff, as well as some more of my parents stuff for their apartment, back to Vesterbro.
A much easier day than expected, but my parents were happy.

After a quick change of clothes i went to the shop where Allan, Sascha and Anki were having a tattoo party.
Now this is not something we let just anybody do, but Sascha and Anki tattooed their own designs each other, under professional supervision, and i think they did really well, both of them.

Sadly i was too late to get any photos of Sascha getting tattooed, but i did catch the second act
Don't try this at home kids! Allan was right there, ready to guide and assist, every step of the way
We went back home, ate, played a little guitar (as in hero) and then we went to a show at Loppen.
The band must have been pretty wasted, cause their tempo was completely off.
And they used to be tight.
So as a punishment (one they'll never know of) they get no pictures and no mention of their name on the blog.
Stern, stern but fair.
But Martin and Ulla were there and it was a good night anyway.
And a good way to end a strange, strange day.


  1. I had to look up Nuno Bettencourt. Extreme?? You liked Extreme? Or just him... That made me laugh!

    The secret entrance to your backyard is magnificent, and the sign that your mother made is so pretty. I hope she took it with her!

  2. Sadly, both him and the band.
    A lot.
    At least i didn't like NKOTB who were very popular here around the same time (91, 92?)
    Or, that's what i tell myself to feel better, haha!

    I'm sure she did take the sign down, if not i know they're going back there in a few days to pick up some more stuff.

    And the secret entrance was so great, i used it all the time when i was a kid.

  3. Uh jeg ved hvordan du har det. Jeg havde det på samme måde, da vi ryttede ud på loftet og jeg fandt gamle breve fra bl.a dig..

  4. nkotb was the first concert i went to. i loved them. my room was covered in them.

    dont judge me. and my dragons..

  5. I won't.
    And dragons are cool!
    (But that's coming from a person who thought Extreme were cool, soehh...)

  6. i liked extreme too and still do. so dont feel bad about that..haha

  7. awww we have tattoo parties in my studio :) its fun. i ended up with a grumpy flower tattooed on my hip, i tattooed a stickman dimebag darryl on my friend's arm (for all to see!), and my friend had 'i love samboy' on his leg - i still dont think his wife knows :) haha x

  8. Laurits to the rescue!
    I feel much better now!