Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's time to go to bed

Yeah, that's what passes for a headline this time of day.

I've been so bored and uninspired all night, too bored to even watch a movie.
There's this saying here in Denmark, intelligent people are never bored.
Well, tonight i'm about as dumb as a fruit fly.

But in the last hour and a half i did manage to pull myself together and work a little on a hat that has been in progress for way too long.

Messy desk, the hat is on Carmens head
Pile of goodies from the supply basket
As far as i could take it tonight, i'm all out of superglue


  1. i will forever kick myself that i did not think of your hats in time for my party... one day...

  2. If I ever get married (I had better!), I need a fancy hat instead of a veil. And what do you mean "uninspired", you made a HAT! When I feel uninspired, I mostly just sit in a chair and marvel at my opposable thumbs for ten hours.

  3. Well, i had made the base a while ago, so i just put some stuff on top of it.
    And most of the time i just sit around and do nothing, kinda like you, only i marvel at my dogs lack of opposable thumbs!