Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I wanna be one of those people

Being a B-person (is it even called that in english, you know, a person who can't get up early?) in the winter, in Scandinavia, is pretty horrible.
There's only a few hours of sunligt, and i'm asleep for most of them.
I don't want to be like this, but getting up early is just not a possibility in my world.
So i'm an exellent candidate for winter depression. Yay.
But that's not even what's pissing me off right now.

No, i am pissed about the fact that there was an EARTHQUAKE in Copenhagen early this morning and i slept right through it!
There has only been one recorded earthquake of this size (4.7) in Denmark ever, so it's not likely to happen again anytime soon.

Denmark's head seismologist (or whatever you call that guy?) apparently missed it too.
That's gotta suck.


  1. I felt an earthquake here in Vancouver, when I was visiting once. Only I didnt know what it was til way afterwards, so I couldnt enjoy/experience it for what it was. It had originated in Seattle.

    But thats crazy!

    Also, Im not sure what we call people that cant get up when its rainy. I think, just normal people. Who likes to get up when its all grey and rainy?? actually... as I say that I look over my shoulder outside, and the sun is out this morning.. wierd... but they are calling for snow again tomorrow!

  2. I've felt eartquakes in india, japan and the states and i agree, the first time it takes a while to figure out what's going on.
    I remember thinking, the first time, that someone was rocking the house back and forth and at the same time thinking "but that's not possible, so i should go stand in the doorway".

    Oh, and B-people (people like me) can't get up early at all, it's not even weather related. It's just worse in the winter.

  3. Jeg var vågen da det skete, og jeg lover dig, at man ikke kunne mærke noget! Så vær du glad for, at du sov sødt, for du havde ikke opdaget det alligevel!
    Jeg har prøvet det engang i Seattle mens vi så The Ring. The var pretty creepy!!

  4. jag vaknade av att hela huset skakade. har aldrig varit med om något sådant tidigare.. spännande!

  5. Det værste af det hele var at jeg var fucking VÅGEN mens det skete og fattede ikke en skid.. tror jeg har stået i badet og haft det morgen agtigt og sikkert bare troet at jeg var svimmel eller noget.. Fuck hvor plat.. Gad here godt at have oplevet det.. pis.....

  6. Heldige Lisa!!

    Og Martin, hvad faen lavede du oppe på det tidspunkt?
    I don't even know you anymore man....

  7. jeg var på vej til at møde momse så vi kunne komme til hamburg. 7:28 fra hovedbanegården. Det var hårdt men jeg nåede det!

  8. Ok, så er du tilgivet.
    Jeg blev helt bekymret dér!