Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I feel the pain of everyone

This morning i had a stupid, long nightmare about zombies.
It was like watching a Day/Night/Afternoon of the Dead, and being able to feel what all the characters in the movie are feeling.
So not funny.

But at least i woke up to a friggin beautiful morning.

The sky was baby turquoise and the lake was dark blue
I love this guy

We met the happy pug again today, but the owner decided to keep her on a leash because her paws were really dirty and i was wearing light colors.


  1. wow its sooo nice there today!! beautiful!

    and yay for a thoughtful pug owner!

  2. Hah ! Just watched 28 weeks later last night ! D'ya think there's a psycho-dreamo-parallel universo-connection between my 125 dkk DVD player and your dreams !?!? Weird !!!!

  3. Well it is the only reasonable explanation....
    That must be it!

  4. creeeeepy.
    zombie movies freak me out.
    please only watch nice movies from now on Nick...

  5. Jeg er glad for at en af os har dokumenteret hvor smuk i dag var!