Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December 9th

We are gonna watch this tonight for sure.
Actually we're gonna watch it as soon as Allan gets back from the Kiosk.
He's had a rough day, the poor guy.


  1. wow. i've never heard of this movie (which is not that weird, as their are lots of movies I've never heard of), but i am sure it will be good, as the rest of your gifts have been top notch so far, including the nice green sweater you are wearing today. :) i like the big green buttons. ps. i had to type this like 100 times because my computer is broken and deletes everything i type...well, almost everything--and 4 days later the mac box is here & i'm having a hard time sealing it to send it back. :( i'll be lonely! it's like an abusive relationship i just can't end! he he

  2. my neighbor totoro!! i have this on vhs... and i even have magnets from the movie.... so great!!!

  3. Yndlings Miyazaki!
    Jeg har lige for en halv time siden aftalt at holde Miyazaki-marathon med en pige fra arbejdet. Hun har vist 10 eller sådan af hans film. Yay!

  4. Vi holdt mini Miyazaki marathon i går. Så egentlig ikke marathon overhovedet, bare en double feature med Totoro og Howl's moving castle!
    Spirited Away vil nok altid være min favorit, men den her er så tæt en to'er at de næsten står lige.
    Både mig og Allan sad med et dumt grin på hele filmen igennem, det var så rart nice.

    Anyone who hasn't seen this, should go buy it right this minute!

  5. I have seen this movie a lot of times. My kids love it and I love the honesty and harmlessness in it.