Thursday, December 4, 2008

December 3rd

A new (to me) Feist remix-type album.
We listened to it at the shop today and it was good.
But it was a little too upbeat to become my new getting-tattooed-cd, like The Reminder was in Japan.


  1. Do you like Blonde Redhead? If you aren't familiar, you should listen to their album "23", I think you'd like it. I'm not crazy about their earlier stuff though, it's a bit loud.

  2. I once borrowed a bunch of their stuff from Nick, and i remember half being great and half being super weird!
    I'll ask him if he has 23.
    Any other suggestions?
    I need new music...

  3. Maybe what you heard was older. The album before 23, Misery is a Butterfly, is ok, but nothing like 23, and anything before THAT is just too experimental and hard to follow for me. I also love Santogold right now! I need new music too. Mostly I need new books though.