Sunday, December 21, 2008

December 21st

His royal highness.
Diamonds and Pearls is one of those albums i only have on vinyl, so it'll be good to get it on the pod.
The other one i don't know, but apparently it was incredibly cheap.

Tomorrow we're going to Bisserup, to a house that's just gone through months of major remodeling and that my parents only moved all their Cph stuff into today.
It probably looks like... let's just say i'm gonna be doing a lot of cleaning.

We're renting a car and bringing morfar along too.
As ususal i can't wait to get out of the city, though i must admit it worries me that there's no food at the house.


  1. I heart Prince, even all his weirdness. I always go back to his songs, and Diamonds and Pearls is definitely one of them!

  2. "The other one i don't know, but apparently it was incredibly cheap." ha ha ha ha ha ha
    what a good bedtime laugh. cheers & night :) zo

  3. when I moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota a year or so ago, someone told me he was the Minnesota State Bird.
    I believed him for a full minute.

    I don't know if that makes sense if you've never lived in the US.
    Each state has a state motto, bird, tree, flag, flower, etc.

    anyway, enjoy.

  4. du kan stadig lege med ikoner selvom du er på pc!

  5. Haha, he should be the state bird!!

    We don't have states, but we do have a national bird. I think it's the swan.

  6. Ha, nu skal jeg også ha en r2d2 skraldespand!!