Sunday, December 21, 2008

December 20th (sorry)

More goodies for the book shelf.
I've read two of his books and i loved one of them.
I wonder if this one will be as good as that one?


  1. never read any but im looking for a new book.. maybe ill check him out.
    which do you most recommend?

  2. that's right, girl! read the good stuff! zo

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  4. sorry?? what's with the double, triple, sometimes quadruple comments? oy vey. can you delete me please? didn't mean to parrot. slip of the thumb, or index finger, or something. my computer skills seem to be worsening.

  5. Done!
    My computer skills are getting worse too... is there such a thing as spontaneous dyslexia? Cause i think i have that.

    Corey, i read Kafka on the Shore and i really liked it. Very weird, very japanese.