Wednesday, December 10, 2008

December 10th

Todays gift, a photo book with crazy japanese Cosplay rockers.
And also, crazy!

As we were watching Totoro last night, me and Allan agreed that having been to Japan makes us appreciate Miyazaki films on so many more levels than before.
Watching a scene where the kids run around in the house is better knowing what it feels like to walk barefoot on tatami.
Or driving past ricefields, eating bento and stopping to enjoy a small roadside shrine.
You know, stuff thatthe japanese take for granted, but is magical to the rest of us.
I wanna watch it again already!

The only bad thing about it, which isn't really a bad thing at all, was that it made me a little sad.
The house, surroundings, and of course the Totoro, made me long for more magic in my life.
And for a house like that.
Or any house with a small garden where i could plant some vegetables.
I'm getting old.


  1. Totoro er så smuk. Jeg ville ønske, jeg havde en kattebus!

  2. Jeg skjønner hva du mener! Når vi ser Miyazaki-filmer nå, så sier vi alltid "men sånn er det jo!".
    Japan er fantastisk <3

  3. Yes! Amen to this. Even though I've been to Japan only once and only one night slept on a tatami mat. I do appreciate the subtleties in the Miyazaki films more, having been there. And I love their bath! We bathed as a family (we only had Jonny then) in one like it (the same place we slept on mats) in a traditional ryokan in Kyoto. And I bought those natural sea sponges for everybody for Christmas last year because of the one they use in the bath scene in this movie! And I have very much wanted to morph our yard/house into a totoro house-type place. Veggie garden I'll have to try again next year, this year's didn't grow.

  4. Glad you guys feel that way too, it just makes those movies so real.

    I've never tried an onsen, but it looks like so much fun. Especially if you're a family.
    Next time!
    Your house would be perfect for a totoro makeover, Jennifer, it's already magical!
    And i put a totoro toy next to my tree, i'll post a picture of that tomorrow!