Thursday, December 4, 2008


I got a post notice, about a letter that was waiting for me at the postoffice.
That usually means that the letter is too big to fit in the mailslot.
Which is a good thing.

It was from sneaky Corey who sent it to the shop, so i had no idea it was coming.
I do love surprises.

Without further ado, Lucifer II:

That's the box he flew over in
How friggin cute is this?
He's now sitting on a shelf in the livingroom, where the real Lucifer can't reach him.


  1. he got there so fast too!

    i had those tear drop plugs show up in my mailbox in that same wooden box! it originated from Iowa somewhere... so its been passed along with more surprises!

    im glad you like him! and i hope lucifer doesnt get too jealous!!

  2. Hm, maybe i'll send something in that box too someday.
    Or maybe i'll just keep it!

    We LOVE little Lucifer and the real one isn't too jealous, just a little bit.