Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Blue ball (yep, there's just the one)

Last night Lucifer got a booty call.
Sort of.
My friend Helle's sister has decided it's time for her dog, Misha, to have some puppies, and Lucifer has been chosen to be the daddy.
So Misha came over to spend the night at our place and hopefully get knocked up.
Sadly, it wasn't exactly that time of the month.
Apparently the timing has to be just right with these things.
The two dogs had fun though, but in the end all the failed attempts and the bitter rejection was making Lucifer a little bummed out.
Poor little guy. Or big guy, compared to his girlfriend.

Today i walked to the shop with the dogs.
I was tired, but it was raining, so it was more like powerwalking to the shop.
We met a really excited pug who wanted to say hi to me real bad and i got wet, dirty pawsprints all over my legs and shoes.

I hate rain, ruins my mood.
But at least there was a nice surprise waiting at the shop.
Our customer of the day, Simon, had baked for us.
I love it when he does that.
This time he brought a Citronmåne, a cake most have only tried in storebought form, possible while really stoned.
It's a ghetto cake.
But homemade Citronmåne is a totally different thing, i tell ya.

Misha got picked up and while Allan tattooed Simon, me and Lucifer took a nap on the sofa.
I'm such a slacker today.

Yup, those are legwarmers
This guy keeps eating all the other toys and now he's going for the christmas cookies too! He must be stopped!


  1. winter is finally here. its been raining more and more. the only thing that lifts my spirits are my bright christmas lights on the balcony at night.

    if i could take a decent picture of them without it being all blurry id post it. maybe i will anyways...

  2. Årgh stakkels Lucifer! Håber ikke han tog det for hårdt! En dag er der bid!