Friday, November 28, 2008


Allan just got some films developed and among them was a lomo film i took well over a year ago, and forgot about.
I scanned a few of them, most of them are from the dog park last fall.

My bike, before the mere dislike turned to hate
My little guy, running towards the camera
I really like this one
I don't know who this guy is, but he's cute and he likes a flat football
Martin and AllanLondon, last years convention (that's how i figured out how old the film actually was)


  1. Ahhh fiske fiske fiske!! Fine fine billeder

  2. Det med Lucifer og solen må du altså bruge til et eller andet. Det er et super super fedt billede!!

  3. I love seeing yours and allan's photographs! I'm getting a holga for xmas because your photos are so beautiful!

    I applied for a job selling telephones, but I got a different job instead, working at Mark's and Spencer. Dont know if you've ever been to one when you're in the UK? I'm working in the food department and they do the best food ever! yay!

  4. Sweet, congratulations, mostly on the job, but the holga too!
    I have been to one, but only briefly, the food looked good though!

  5. They're just great! and i agree, the light makes that one you like by far the best...--when light does that to film it always kinda reminds me of snowflakes of light...zo