Friday, November 21, 2008

Releasing the inner nerd

Wow, the place is a total mess.
Since i'm home i should probably do something about that.
Or not.

This was taken the day before yesterday.
It's been a while since the last wardrobe post.
Lucifer ruined my sweater by the way, with his stupid claws.
I found it in the trash, so it's gonna be hard to replace.

The pants are Etnies, i bought them in California a couple of years ago.
Back then they were too tight and now they're a little too lose.
Damn yoyo weight.
But i like them lose i think, makes them look like boy pants.

Get those awesome totally un-nerdy slippers here: Sids Tattoo Parlor


  1. Inner nerd? I'm embracing my outer nerd...!

  2. Du er den cooleste nørd jeg har set! Og dét der? Det er ikke rod! Det er hygge!

  3. Lady, all true nerds (both inner and outer) only WISH they could be like you. This, I know. (and ps. diggin' the sweater vest w/pointed collar and glasses. it's just right. the tattoos pull you over the edge. without them you'd be flirting with disaster. this i know, too--from personal wardrobe experience.) zo

  4. Im with Matt! Embrace the outer nerd!

    You just need some tape around the middle of those glasses and you are good to go!

  5. Jeg vil kramme både den ene og den anden nørd-dig!!!

  6. My outer nerd thinks tape on the glasses is a GREAT idea.
    And yeah, maybe the tattoos allow me to wear stuff that would normally not work?
    If so, that's a pretty sweet bonus.
    Allan: kom an!