Thursday, November 27, 2008


Last night i fell asleep on the couch.
When i woke up it was 3.30 in the morning and time to go to bed, for real.
For a long time i couldn't sleep, of course.
Instead i was lying awake for hours, thinking about stuff to do at the shop, travel plans and what it would be like to have a large pet crab who insisted on sleeping under the covers just like Lucifer (not pleasant was my conclusion).
At this point i suspect i was maybe falling asleep a little.

Anyway, i've been having nightmares all night.
Two very long ones, to be exact.
I'm not gonna get into the specifics, but they were nasty, like bad horror movies.
The first one was particularly bad.
The second one was scary, but at least it was set in a city with really interesting architecture.

This morning i just felt like crap, it's like they're still there you know?

When i was a kid, i had so many nightmares it was almost like a disease.
Scared the crap out of my parents i could imagine.
I would walk and talk in my sleep too.
I don't enjoy being reminded of those days.


This morning there was a small electrical car outside our door.
It was pretty cute.
And how cute is Lucifers's new sweater?


  1. Jeg føler med dig. Nat uden søvn = dag + nederen! I'm living it today! Men grineren at du lige overvejede en pet crab!! ha ha!!
    Fiiine Lucifer!

  2. Uf, kender det godt. Det er som om, drømme kan blive siddende i kroppen. Jeg synes, det hjælper bedst at skifte de visuelle indtryk ud. Altså gå i biffen eller se noget fjerner. Sympatikram herfra.