Sunday, November 23, 2008

Is it over, can i relax now?

Last night, after spending most of my day trying to get rid of a hangover, we went to Loppen to see Martin play with Trolle//Siebenhaar, his latest project.

I wore a vintage skirt with a cheap shirt, cardigan and tights, all from Japan. The shoes are from Topshop

I was going for secretary chic, but i probably just looked like a tired librarian.
At least my heels were really high.

I actually think i looked ok, but by the look of the crowd at Loppen, i'm not, nor will i ever be, considered trendy in this town.
I knew this before last night and i'm very ok with it, of course.
I know that i am too cheap and lazy to ever become a fashionista.
Also, to be considered a person of great personal style and taste in this town, you apparently have to dress like you're high on Xanax and dirty martinis in Joan Collins' walk in closet circa 1982, and you just couldn't be bothered to find the light switch.
Seriously, what's considered good taste in Cph can make even the most beautiful girl look like crap.
I mean, jodhpurs with tapered ankles AND zippers? Really?

But forget the fashion rant, Martin and Ane (his partner in crime) were amazing.
Like, on fire!
And all the little kids up front knew all the lyrics, it was heart warming to see.

Here's Martin, my best friend since age 16, and Allan, my wonderful husband, backstage minutes before the show
My camera isn't really that awesome for concert photos, so go check Allan's blog, i'm sure he'll post some better shots soon
Tonight, food and Tekkonkinkreet on the couch.


  1. i shuddered when i read 'tapered ankles'.. ill stick out fashionly with you when i get there, no worries!

  2. Yay!!! That's so fun. You already know I wish I could have been there, too. But hey, about that outfit? Soooo good. I say fashionista = an empty ship / no cargo, no crew, just a painted sail = B-O-R-I-N-G!!! (ps. Some girls are confused by the type of guys that they seem to 'magically' attract, never understanding the correlation between HOW one presents herself & how one is received & by whom!) digging the wardrobe posts; fun! zo

  3. jeg fortalte faktisk martin hvor fantastiske og søde jeg syntes i begge så ud i går!
    Det var helt klart dig der havde fadt i den rigtige ende af god stil!
    Vildt dejligt at se jeg igen! kigger forbi butikken en af dagene

  4. has anybody ever looked, or rather felt, trendy in Copenhagen?
    not even Joan Collins anno 82 would have

  5. I det mindste har du din egen stil. Det plejer også gerne at hænge sammen med, at have sin egen mening. You're a leader, not a follower, og det skal man ikke kimse ad.
    Jeg blir nogengange helt mormor agtigt, med rysten på hovedet og et "tsk tsk" klar, når jeg ser de der tosser, der slavisk følger moden. For det er dyrt, og ser ofte ikke særlig smart ud. Men allerværst: det mangler personlighed. Og søde Malle, personlighed har du i allerhøjeste grad, og den slags kan ikke købes for penge!
    Undskyld jeg skriver en hel roman. Jeg fatter bare hller ikke moden som den er nu..

  6. See, i knew you guys would understand!
    Og Mai, du så selv godt ud i går, det gør du altid!
    And schmut, you may be right, maybe cph is the one place that would make even JC feel awkward? Let's hope her highness never stops by then!

  7. EHN! du ser mega cute ud!
    jeg forstaar heller ikke rigtig den koebenhavnske mode, mayn. men saadan er det jo.
    jeg var SAA taet paa at se tekkonkinkreet igaar ogsaa. maaske idag! den er saa pissegod.

  8. Why didn't you take photos of the tapered zippered jhodpurs?!?!

  9. Har du set bag-om filmen?
    Det er jo sindssygt godt tegnet/malet!

    Matt, i wanted to, but it was too dark! She was wearing one of those right-on-the-forehead headbands too, so you know it would have been good!