Sunday, November 23, 2008

I feel like i just found 10 kr. on the sidewalk

So, i was just looking for a picture of an older looking Joan Collins to prove a point to a reader (my point being, that i think Joan always feels pretty damn fabulous!), but then i came across this amazing piece of blog goodness that i had to share:

Celebrities on Yachts

It's a blog. About celebrities. On yachts.
Isn't that amazing?
Here's a post example:

"Here is an image of Amy Winehouse the music singer enjoying a spot of boatting with her boyfriend. Don’t they look happy. Amy has also been seen on a motor boat called Moby Dick."

And then there's an older photo of Amy not looking so much like a crackhead as she currently does.
That's it!

I'm sorry, i wasn't even gonna post right now, but i just had to share.

Ps. Tekkonkinkreet was really good!


  1. i hate to be the one to say it, but maybe you spend too much time on the internet? =P

  2. What? No! Wait, is that even possible?

  3. maybe? ok, i dont know. you got me.

    i was made aware of this site as well:

    perhaps it can be a rebuttle to your amy whinehouse on a yacht...

  4. #1: no. i refuse to believe it (that you can spend too much time on the internet, not that there are celebrities on yachts.) ;)

    2: ahoy matey--a THREE HOUR CRUISE...a three hour cruise...

    3: and anyway, hey, it's technically research for your "Resort," line (that very respectable whole fashion season, almost equal to Fall or Summer, so no guilt! :)

  5. ps. just got back from your link; did you check out the one w/johnny depp's yacht? oh ya...